Julien Provenzano

“After ransomware resilience, reskilling workforce will be the biggest challenge for businesses to proactively respond to cybersecurity threats in the next 5 years.” Cybersecurity certified professional for 16 years, Julien rose through the ranks as a system administrator, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, an IT architect and a security technical manager for different companies before cofounding the startup. In his role at Airbus he has been responsible for the deployment of new technologies for cybersecurity, intelligence and secure communications business units for Defence industry internationally. CEO APAC, Julien Provenzano has created RALFKAIROS, the only European cybersecurity startup in South Korea handling of security strategies for different industries, delivering cyber trainings, audit & consulting for Korea, Asia and Europe. Expert on defence and cyber market in Korea and Asia, Innovation & Cyber company, RALFKAIROS supports international companies and startups on security audit & antifraud, cyber awareness training, and CISO assistance in Korea, Asia and worldwide. Experts define, design, implement, their IT security strategy from policy to infrastructure and security products. Incubated by Seoul Metropolitan Government at Seoul Fintech Lab, funded by the Korean Startup national agency, Julien Provenzano is leading two projects : – developing a dashboard for risk compliance analysis for the Fintech regulation market – launching a cyber Hackademy, to face the unprecedented challenge of finding and training enough cybersecurity experts to face an ever-growing threat of cyberattacks, more specifically, in the Asia Pacific region.