Nicolas Thomas

Nicolas Thomas | Solution architect for Uleska and TrackerDetect., CEO

Title: Hackers : vulnerabilities against critical industry in 2021


Strategist in the field in a cybersecurity organization. Public speaker. Thought leader. NfV Pioneer. Investor. Standard editor (Security as a service) for telecom.


Consultant in innovative cloud cybersecurity solutions. Founder CEO.

 CloudNative/DevOps security strategist. 

20+ years of experience in distributed systems, commoditized in the Cloud.

Range from standards to sales (c-level) and coding. In a nutshell, I have helped organizations ride the waves of changes consistently before the hype.


Editor of MEF88 project: Application Security for SD-WAN Services Project

NFV Pioneer, ETSI representative for Fortinet, ETSI Security week selection committee for AI.

Ansible committer.Co-founder of various opensource and standard communities.Intrapreneur in charge of securing automated solutions at Fortinet.