Delwar Alam

Delwar Alam | Managing Director and Security Researcher at BugsBD Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Title: Hackers : vulnerabilities against critical industry in 2021


Excellent communicator and a self-starter with 6+ years of a Security Researcher proficient in online security research planning execution and maintenance experience. Experience in developing the Decentralized Blockchain applications using Ethereum and Hyperledger.


“I am Cyber and Information Security Expert. I invest my time and skills to help people protect their business from Cybercriminals. Specialties 10 years’ experience in different security domain such as, Information Security and Assurance, Red and Blue Team Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Cyber Security, Black box, White Box and Gray Box Penetration Testing, IT and Network Security, Cyber Security Consultant, API Security, Mobile Application Security, Source Code Audit, Web Server Pen-testing.”