SangMyung Choi

SangMyung Choi | Director at NSHC
Title: Intelligence with Darkweb Threats targeting Financial Sectors


SangMyung Choi is the Director of the Data & AI team at NSHC. His primary areas of expertise include DarkWeb Intelligence and OSINT. He has had extensive experience in working together with investigative agencies, government agencies and many private companies in preventing acts of cyber terrorism. He was awarded the Information Security Practitioner of ISLA Asia-Pacific award from ISC2 in 2017. He presented in BLACKHAT, HITCON, POC, ISEC, and SECUINSIDE.



This session presents current cybercriminal activities and threats from darkweb targeting financial industry. It provides depth analysis on ransomware groups hide underneath darkweb leaking confidential data of ransomware victims and intelligence methodologies to trace criminals from the anonymous networks. It includes real profiling cases discovered via the darkweb intelligence platform.