Jae Kwang Lee

Jae Kwang Lee | Head of KISA’s infringement accident analysis team
Title: Finding effective responses against cyber attacks in 2021 in Korea


Jae Kwang Lee has been working at KrCERT/CC since 2010, his main role is to respond cyber attack.

If any cyber incident happened in private sector, he goes to the site and investigates what happened. After that, he checks what was the problem in damage company and suggests how to enhance security system. Originally, he was interested in digital forensic. But, now he has been  spending most time to study change of hacking infra and trace them.



He will share his experience and thinking that gained from many incidents cases.

The main flow is as follows.

Review incident case and think of Attacker’s movement.

Question how does current attack destroy our security system and what is our problem?

Suggestion for better security protection.