Chong Hyun Mun

Chong Hyun Mun | Director at ESTsecurity
Title: Real APT Attack Cases by North Korean Hacking Organizations


  • – Task : Response and analysis of major cyber security threats such as APT attacks
  • – Areas of interest and research : North Korea’s cyber threat activities
  • – Award details :
  • 2015 Prime Minister’s Commendation for Contribution to Information Protection
  • 2016 Ministry of National Defense Cyber Command Commander’s plaque of appreciation
  • 2017 National Police Agency Cyber Security Award’s Korean National Police Agency’s letter of appreciation
  • 2018 Defense Cyber Security Conference Commander’s plaque of appreciation
  • 2019 Hong Kong (ISC)² ISLA Asia-Pacific Award
  • 2021 NAVER Security Vulnerability Bug Bounty Registration



The latest North Korean cyber threats discovered during 2021 will be described by actual cases, and the characteristics of their threat activities will be explored.

In particular, the lecture will focus on how the attack was carried out on high-ranking officials and broadcasting companies in Korea.

In addition, the basis for North Korea’s actions will be examined by comparing the traces left during the APT attack and similar threats in the past.