Florent KIRCHNER | Head of Department and Cybersecurity Program Lead at CEA
Title: Horizon scan in cybersecurity : innovation trends and opportunities


Florent Kirchner leads the Systems and Software Engineering Division as well as the Cybersecurity Program at CEA LIST, coordinating the research and development of next-generation approaches to address concrete cybersecurity challenges. He is a member of the ECSO Board of Directors, and the Strategic Director of the SPARTA cybersecurity competence network pilot. He cares for geeks, and manages humans.



Cybersecurity is not a new problem. Saltzer and Schroeder defined general principles for the protection of information in computer systems in 1974, at a time when PDP-11 computers were being used for advancing particle physics. What is new is the impact that cybersecurity has on society, amplified by the complexity and pervasiveness of modern systems.

Addressing this impact is a wide-ranging endeavor, and innovation can be a key part of it. But to be successful, several important roadblocks need to be lifted:

– Identifying emerging trends and new societal, ethical and industrial challenges in the complex field of cybersecurity is difficult. Even more complicated is the continued synthesis of these strands into a coherent and prioritized scientific and technical picture that takes advantage of existing assets.

– Encouraging the use of creative approaches in the implementation of innovations into concrete and actionable results is a great way to find unconventional success and new avenues of disruption. While it requires careful monitoring and feedback, it keeps scientists and engineers on their toes and attracts the best minds in the field.

– Bringing together various communities and ecosystems – engaging with citizen and scientists, across geographies, maturity levels, and disciplines – is a fantastic way to reduce fragmentation and allow proper use of resources.

In this presentation we will present a horizon scan of challenges and opportunities, and several ongoing initiatives to lift innovation roadblocks.